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  1. FILE PHOTO: A man on a boat collects plastic materials from dirty water in Dhaka

    Bangladesh to ban use of single-use plastic in hotels and restaurants

    Bangladesh's High Court on Monday ordered the government to ban single-use plastics in coastal areas and in hotels and restaurants in one year to ...
  2. Joey kangaroo pouches, Australia fires

    Koala mittens and joey pouches: Australian bushfires spark global knitting frenzy

    Knitting needles are clicking furiously around the world to create hundreds of protective pouches and blankets for native wildlife made homeless ...
  3. Aerial picture of an area affected by floods, next to Ciliwung river in Jakarta

    After Indonesia's deadly floods, few hear climate 'wake up call'

    Floods that killed more than 50 people in Indonesia's capital after the biggest rainfall since records began should be a wake-up call to climate ...
  4. Thailand plastic bag ban creative shoppers

    Thai shoppers get creative after plastic bag ban

    Thai shoppers grabbed baskets, buckets and even a wheelbarrow to skirt a new ban on single-use plastic bags at big retailers, with many posting ...
  5. Koalas are badly hit because they live in trees and feed on certain types of eucalypts

    Wildlife ravaged by Australia fires could take decades to recover

    The bushfires raging across Australia have had a devastating impact on the country's unique flora and fauna, with some estimates putting the death ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Birds fly over a closed steel factory where chimneys of another working factory are see

    China's top steel city Tangshan issues orange smog alert

    China's top steelmaking city of Tangshan, in the country's northern province of Hebei, on Thursday issued an orange alert for pollution due to ...
  7. A man carrying goods in plastic bags crosses a street

    Thailand kicks off 2020 with plastic bag ban

    Thailand began the year with a ban on single-use plastic bags at major stores, continuing a campaign launched by the government and retailers ...
  8. Reefs all over the world are being affected by the toxins in sunscreens

    Palau bans 'reef-toxic' sunscreen

    Palau's pioneering ban on "reef-toxic" sunscreens took effect Wednesday as the tiny Pacific island nation introduced strict environmental measures ...
  9. WIRES volunteer and carer Tracy Dodd holds a kangaroo with burnt feet pads after being rescued from

    Battle to save Australian wildlife as bushfires rage

    A possum severely burnt by bushfires in Australia's Blue Mountains laps water from a bowl as her rescuer holds her gently in a towel, while at a ...