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    Methadone programs for ex-criminals tied to fewer premature deaths

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    Soccer headings may damage women's brains more

  3. The World Health Organization says 36 million people around the world suffer from some form of

    Biogen/Eisai Alzheimer's drug cut cognitive decline by 30%: study

  4. A patient receives a CT scan at an Amiri private hospital in Kabul

    Scans increasingly catch 'incidentalomas' that are rarely problematic

    Advanced imaging tests for many common health problems may catch something else entirely: abnormalities, known as "incidentalomas," that can ...
  5. pregnant

    Smoke exposure during pregnancy and infancy tied to hearing loss

  6. Surgical forceps

    Cataract surgery tied to lower risk of car crashes

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    Fathers' antidepressant use doesn't worsen babies' health risks

  8. FILE PHOTO:French multinational pharmaceutical company SANOFI logo is seen at the headquarters in P

    French regulator says Sanofi epilepsy drug to be forbidden during pregnancy

    French regulator ANSM on Tuesday said Sanofi's epilepsy drug valproate should be forbidden during pregnancy and not prescribed to women of ...