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  1. Naomi Osaka has welcomed Seiko Hashimoto's appointment as Tokyo Olympics chief

    Osaka hails Hashimoto's appointment as Tokyo Olympics chief a boost for equality

    Japanese tennis superstar Naomi Osaka Thursday welcomed the resignation of gaffe-prone Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori and his replacement by a ...
  2. The Wider Image: Meet the Thai "Drag Race" star marching for democracy and equality

    Wider Image: Thai 'Drag Race' star marches for democracy and equality

    With flawless makeup and costume that blends cabaret with catwalk and rainbow pride with royal court pageantry, Aunchalee Pokinwuttipob symbolises ...
  3. Cooking pot on stove

    Commentary: Time to cook is a luxury most families don't have

    The idea of slowing down and making time for food sounds ideal, but today's family have a lot on their plate, say social scientists Joslyn ...
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    Commentary: No more 10% growth for China but is 6% so bad?

    Commentators have highlighted the risks of the Chinese economy slowing down, pointing to signs of a middle-income trap, but such fears may be ...
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    Commentary: The enormous, avoidable waste of human capital caused by gender inequality

    We cannot afford to tolerate the enormous yet preventable waste of human capital caused by gender inequality, says one observer.
  6. A wealthy house.

    Commentary: Explaining the rise of the top 1% super rich

    Tax levels, a country's political system and the presence of trade union can make all the difference, says one political science observer.
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    Commentary: Does being smart and successful lower your chances of getting married?

    Our attitudes towards Mr or Ms Right are filtered through the lens of social norms, says one observer.