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    Football concussions tied to middle-age erectile dysfunction

  2. shockwave therapy 2

    The painless, potent ‘shock’ treatment for men who struggle to perform in bed

    Compared to the likes of Viagra, shockwave therapy remains a less mainstream remedy for erectile dysfunction. But some doctors and patients in ...
  3. viagra illustration 1

    When little red dot met little blue pill: Viagra’s ‘immense impact’ on Singapore

    Twenty years after it first got regulatory approval in the US, Viagra has cemented its position in popular consciousness as a “go-to” drug to help ...
  4. Aspirin

    Can an aspirin a day keep erectile dysfunction at bay?

  5. Banana

    Impotence gel containing explosive material under trial

  6. Asia Default Image

    South Korea's presidential office explains Viagra purchase

    On Tuesday an opposition party lawmaker revealed that Park's office last year bought hundreds of pills which can treat erectile dysfunction, ...