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  1. Make EU gentleman's agreement with Britain binding - EU lawmakers

    The European Parliament will insist on quickly making the deal reached between the European Union and Britain on divorce terms legally binding, ...
  2. Exclusive - EU parliament details UK concessions on rights

    Britain will guarantee rights for as yet unborn children who join EU parents after Brexit and accept EU judges' rulings on such rights, according ...
  3. Hungary charges Jobbik MEP with spying on EU for Russia

    A Hungarian European Parliament member who belongs to the nationalist opposition Jobbik party has been charged with spying on European Union ...
  4. Britain and EU fail to reach Brexit deal

    The EU says Britain must make sufficient progress on key divorce issues to allow the opening of trade and transition talks at a summit on Dec 15.
  5. Deeper euro zone integration must unite EU - Commission

    European Commission proposals to deepen the integration of the euro zone will seek to make the whole of the European Union more united and improve ...
  6. Britain 'very close' to agreeing Brexit bill

  7. European Parliament urges EU probe of Malta after journalist killed

    EU lawmakers urged the European Commission on Wednesday to investigate Malta's adherence to the rule of law, in a move that could lead to ...
  8. Axed Catalan leader slams EU for 'helping' Spanish PM

  9. Juncker - grab Brexit chance to forge a tighter EU

    European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker urged EU governments on Wednesday to take advantage of Brexit and an economic upswing to forge a ...
  10. Czech law to allow civilians to shoot during terrorist attacks