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  1. A picture released by Nirmal "Nims" Purja's Bremont Project Possible shows the

    Nirmal Purja: Nepali climber carving mountaineering history

    Such was the determination of Nepali climber Nirmal Purja to climb the world's 14 highest mountains, that he had them tattooed across his back, ...
  2. Nepali climber claims new speed record for world's 14 highest peaks

    Nepali climber claims new speed record for world's 14 highest peaks

    A Nepali mountaineer on Tuesday smashed the record for summiting the world's 14 highest peaks, racing up all "8000ers" in just seven months, ...
  3. Mount Everest has been dubbed world's highest rubbish dump

    Trash to treasure: Everest garbage given new lease of life

    A group of tourists sip water at a five-star hotel in Kathmandu, unaware that the green glasses in their hands were once bottles discarded on ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Mount Everest and other peaks of the Himalayan range are seen from air during a mountai

    Everest region to ban single-use plastics

    Single-use plastics will be banned in the Everest region to reduce the vast amounts of waste left by trekkers and mountaineers, Nepali authorities ...
  5. More than 300 people have died on Everest since expeditions to reach the top started in the 1920s

    Commentary: 11 Everest climbers dead in 16 days - how to recover dead bodies from the world’s tallest mountain

    Recovering bodies from Everest is difficult and expensive, says mountaineering historian, Jonathan Westaway.
  6. Nick Hollis takes a selfie during his ascent of the south side of Everest in Nepal

    'Incompetent climbers' drive Everest death toll, top mountaineer says

    Stepping over long-dead bodies of frozen climbers as he sought to reach the summit of Everest was something for which Nick Hollis was mentally ...
  7. Workers from a recycling company display the garbage collected and brought from Mount Everest in Ka

    Nepal picks up four bodies, 11 tonnes of garbage in Everest clean-up

    Nepali climbers have retrieved four bodies and collected some 11 tonnes of decades-old garbage from Mount Everest and its approach below the base ...
  8. People pay homage in front of a portrait of Dipankar Ghosh, a 52-year-old Indian photographer who s

    Summit fever: Everest's budget climbing boom puts Indians most at risk

    Earlier this month Dipankar Ghosh, a 52-year-old Indian photographer, scaled the world's fifth-highest peak, the snow-capped Mount Makalu.
  9. Mandy Moore climbs Everest Base Camp

    Mandy Moore climbs up to Mt Everest base camp

    The This Is Us actress completed the trek up to 5380m in a little over a week.
  10. Late April to the end of May is the peak climbing season for Mount Everest (centre R) and many

    Everest 'traffic jam' survivor calls for tougher rules