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  1. The Huawei brand logo is seen above a store of the telecoms equipment maker in Beijing

    Exclusive: Trump expected to sign order paving way for US telecoms ban on Huawei

    President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order this week barring U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by ...
  2. Donald Trump

    Trump signs executive 'free speech' order for US colleges

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    Trump chips away at Obamacare with executive order

  4. Donald Trump

    US ratchets up sanctions on North Korea

  5. Donald Trump rally

    Trump administration appeals latest ruling blocking travel ban

    The Donald Trump administration on Thursday (Mar 30) appealed the ruling of a US federal judge who had a day prior maintained his freeze on the ...
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    Federal judge in Hawaii extends court order blocking Trump travel ban

    A federal judge in Hawaii indefinitely extended on Wednesday (Mar 30) an order blocking enforcement of President Donald Trump's revised ban on ...
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    Trump to roll back Obama clean power plan

    President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Tuesday (Mar 28) to undo his predecessor Barack Obama's plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions ...
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    Trump says he'll win travel ban battle, more measures coming

    US President Donald Trump said on Friday (Feb 10) he is considering drafting a new order to ban migrants from majority-Muslim nations after his ...