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  1. NYT stretching exercise pixabay Ryan McGuire

    To stretch or not to stretch before exercise? Athletes put it to the test

    A thought-provoking new experiment suggests that the answer could depend on how we feel about stretching and the kind of exercise we plan to do.
  2. UNDATED -- BC-WELL-WEIGHT-LOSS-ART-NYTSF -- People on treadmills at a gym. (CREDIT: Hiroko Masuike/

    Exercise may help in weight loss, provided you do enough

    We make up for some of the calories we burn during exercise, but not all.
  3. Brisk walking steps health metabolic rate

    Walk about 100 steps a minute for better health

    Vigorous walking requires about 130 steps per minute, while jogging starts at about 140.
  4. New Content Item

    Vigorous exercise may not keep dementia from worsening

  5. Jogging

    Physical fitness linked to language skills in older adults

  6. New Content Item

    Teens who get more sleep may curb screen time

  7. NYT Coffee Workout

    Can coffee rev up your workout? It may depend on your genes

    Whether you are a fast or slow metaboliser of caffeine can determine whether it helps or hurts your athletic performance.
  8. Singapore roasted chicken

    Commentary: Love of food, lack of activity leave Singaporeans vulnerable to diabetes

    Diabetes is a serious condition that Singaporeans need to take seriously, argue two experts from NUS’ Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.