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  1. New York City Marathon

    Too old? Too slow? No! Debut marathoners may add years to life

    A study’s findings showed it’s possible to reverse the consequences of ageing on blood vessels with real-world exercise in just six months.
  2. senior citizens doing taichi

    Commentary: Why you should not stop exercising even in your 60s and beyond

    Whatever your state of health or fitness, it is still possible to be more physically active, says Julie Broderick.
  3. Enthusiasm for barefoot running fizzled in 2019, while interest in high-intensity exercise soared.

    Looking back at how fitness has changed and evolved this past decade

    Dogs and high-intensity exercise are in. Barefoot running is out
  4. An elderly man running

    Want to feel 25 again? Exercise may fight ageing

    The muscles of those who worked out looked like those of 25-year-olds and showed less of the inflammation that is tied to health problems as we age.
  5. Frailty age related muscle loss seniors weights training dumbbells

    Commentary: High-intensity exercise does more than improve your fitness

    Exercises helps the brain grow new neurons in the hippocampus, which improves memory, says an expert.
  6. Eating after you exercise

    Eating after you exercise may provide added fat-burning benefits

    Cyclists who had pedalled on an empty stomach incinerated about twice as much fat as those who had consumed a shake first.
  7. Running knee joint pain gout

    Commentary: Running may help you live longer but more isn’t necessarily better

    Running just once a week, or for 50 minutes a week, reduces the risk of death at a given point in time, says Victoria University's Zeljko Pedisic.