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  1. Commentary: Love of food, lack of activity leave Singaporeans vulnerable to diabetes

    Diabetes is a serious condition that Singaporeans need to take seriously, argue two experts from NUS’ Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.
  2. The mysterious interior world of exercise

  3. Commentary: Let's exercise ownership over our health, not wait for illness to set in

    Chronic diseases in Singapore are on the rise, but there's actions Singaporeans can easily take today to have a healthier heart, says one observer.
  4. Even middle-aged couch potatoes can help heart with exercise

  5. Cut-off age for middle-agers to turn around heart risks

  6. Exercise may reduce disability even in frail elders

  7. Twice-weekly workouts may be best medicine for cognitive decline

  8. ‘Artificial pancreas’ lets diabetic teens exercise: US study

  9. Intense exercise may aid Parkinson’s disease

  10. Parents, do you sacrifice sleep or exercise to stay healthy?