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  1. Chen Jifang, 68, works out every day

    'Hardcore grandma': Ageing fitness buff proves a hit in China

    Chen Jifang hits the gym for at least two hours every day and has the physique to prove it. At nearly 70, she's being held up as a shining example ...
  2. Larger outdoor exercise classes resume amid COVID-19 | Video
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    Larger outdoor exercise classes resume amid COVID-19 | Video

    Larger outdoor exercise classes resumed on Tuesday (Sep 1). More than 700 instructors have registered to conduct such classes, said Sport Singapore.
  3. Man running on a treadmill

    Want greater immunity? Studies show that exercise may boost your vaccine response

    Two new studies of elite athletes found that working out amplifies the immune response to a flu shot.
  4. NYT illo: Sneak in some exercise

    Brushing teeth, waiting for water to boil? Sneak in some exercises

    Yes, we are moving less. But on Zoom, no one has to know you’re doing squats.
  5. Woman sleeping with mask on and alarm clock in foreground

    Your tendency to sleep late or early can affect how active you are: New study

    Early risers did the equivalent of walking 20 to 30 minutes more each day compared to “evening types”, who tend to stay up late.
  6. Can a physically taxing job be bad for our brains POTTERY

    How a physically taxing job is different from exercise and can be bad for our brains

    A new study suggests that physical demands required for work may have negative consequences for brain health.
  7. COVID-19 Masked People East Coast Park 3

    Commentary: Wear your mask properly! Uncovering the reasons behind public mask shaming

    Singapore has a tight culture where people expect rules to be followed but it’s worth remembering that wearing our masks is the least we can do to ...
  8. Getting the most out of your gym membership

    Commentary: Why trend of ‘as many reps as possible’ workouts may be your best home exercise plan

    It’s likely this short and adaptable form of exercise can provide similar health benefits, says an observer.
  9. monkey bars

    How to train your muscles without access to a gym

    Get to a nearby park and get in shape... safely!
  10. Woman lifting weights

    Trying to get stronger? Here's how you can do it

    Weight training prompts changes in the nervous system that prime the muscles to get bigger and stronger.