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  1. Life lessons from athletes on overcoming COVID-19 uncertainty

    Life lessons from athletes on overcoming COVID-19 uncertainty

    Three sportspeople – endurance athlete Cheryl Tay, national boxer Leona Hui and mixed martial arts fighter Stephen Langdown – share their top tips ...
  2. Woman jogging in park

    Put on weight after months of no exercise? Here's how to get back into shape safely

    Can’t run as fast or lift as much as you did before COVID-19? Here are some tips to get fit again without injuring yourself.
  3. running in a park

    Commentary: Tai chi ought to be encouraged – it's not just the physical health benefits

    Taichi is suitable and safe for people of all ages and abilities, says an expert.
  4. Woman using weights machine

    Phase 2: Expert tips on how to stay safe in the gym, yoga studio and swimming pool

    Experts say there's more you can do to stay infection-free, other than washing your hands with soap and practising safe distancing. CNA Lifestyle ...
  5. MO BKK The Oriental Spa Yoga

    It's Global Wellness Day today. Here's what you can do to boost your wellbeing

    Spend the day engaging in wellness activities from around the world, courtesy of a 24-hour livestream by Mandarin Oriental Group.
  6. Belgian Yves Hanoulle, IT professional, walks on a treadmill as he works in his home in Ghent

    Working from home: Belgian man 'walks' 27,000 steps a day during lockdown

    The man has managed to walk about 1,500 km (930 miles) by pacing through each day on a treadmill installed under his desk.
  7. Skip meals lose weight diabetes gastritis junk food bad breath muscle mass (4)

    Commentary: Trying intermittent fasting yet struggling to lose weight? Here’s why

    An observer highlights the common pitfalls of intermittent fasting.
  8. TFX gym circuit breaker

    Commentary: When gyms finally reopen, can we get rid of toxic gym culture?

    Many of us miss the gym, but let’s not bring back an obsessive culture of aspiring towards an ideal fitness lifestyle. By being kinder to our ...
  9. woman sitting unsplash_mod

    Is your bum sore from sitting all day? What to do when cushions don’t work

    Working from home is the new normal. Don’t forget to take care of your glutes – especially if you’re the skinny type. Here are some tips.