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    Austria calls on Turkey to explain journalist's arrest

  2. dried bird's nest malaysia

    Bird flu in Kelantan: China bans imports of bird's nest from Malaysia

    The ban has led the Veterinary Services Department to send letters to the Chinese authorities to explain the situation in Malaysia.
  3. shanmugam file

    Relook sentences for offenders like Joshua Robinson: K Shanmugam

    The Minister for Home Affairs and Law says he has asked officials to consider what approaches are necessary for offenders like Robinson to be ...
  4. Gold miners 1

    Small fortunes in dust: Myanmar’s riverside gold miners

    Kachin is brimming with small-scale gold miners. They are literally scratching livings from the earth but have come, not to find a fortune but ...
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    South Korea's presidential office explains Viagra purchase

    On Tuesday an opposition party lawmaker revealed that Park's office last year bought hundreds of pills which can treat erectile dysfunction, ...
  6. FAT tribute Bhumibol

    Football: Thai clubs await fate as league cancelled to mourn king

    The Football Association of Thailand on Sunday said it will meet clubs to explain its decision to scrap the season with three matches to go ...
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    Yahoo pressed to explain huge 'state sponsored' hack

    Yahoo faced pressure Friday to explain how it sustained a massive cyber-attack - one of the biggest ever, and allegedly state-sponsored - allowing ...
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    Frustrations rise as problems persist on Singapore’s Circle Line

    Authorities attempt to establish the reason behind long-running train delays, with telecommunications signals now being looked at as a possible cause.
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    Olympics: Lochte apologizes over Rio 'robbery' scandal

    US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who had falsely claimed he and three teammates were robbed in Rio, apologized Friday for his behavior, saying he ...