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  1. Ep 5
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    Ep 5: Life After Disaster: Marawi

    After the devastation of the ISIS-linked siege four years ago, has the Philippine city of Marawi risen from the rubble?
  2. Biden

    Homeland Security launches review of extremism within agency

    The Department of Homeland Security on Monday (Apr 26) announced an internal review to assess the threat of violent extremism from within the ...
  3. A man using a laptop

    Commentary: Redpilling, rabbit holes and how far-right ideology spreads in online spaces

    The employment of slick, sophisticated messaging in the far reaches of the Internet is worrying but more alarming is the appropriation of popular ...
  4. In Con FY20 Ep 17
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    Ep 17: Ali Soufan, CEO, The Soufan Group

    The violent mob that attacked the US Capitol on Jan 6 sent shockwaves around the world. But former FBI Special Agent Ali Soufan says that the ...
  5. Indonesian universities step up measures to fight extremism | Video
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    Indonesian universities step up measures to fight extremism | Video

    Universities in Indonesia are stepping up efforts to fight extremism after findings by the National Counterterrorism Agency showed many of the ...
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why Asia may not be immune to far-right terrorism

    White supremacist groups are organising themselves more effectively and seek to forge links with other violent movements elsewhere, including in ...
  7. File photo of students in NUS

    The Big Read: Open to extremist views, youth want diverse voices and honest talk — but at what cost?

    While youths interviewed believe that their generation is well-placed to handle such issues, some experts pointed out that discerning what are ...