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  1. The scene where gunmen killed a group in Niger's Koure Reserve

    Niger soldiers executed dozens of civilians, probe says

    Soldiers in Niger executed dozens of civilians during the counterinsurgency campaign against jihadists in the country's troubled Tillaberi region ...
  2. The far right in Germany has come under attack following Wednesday's murders in Hanau

    Commentary: Why Asia may not be immune to far-right terrorism

    White supremacist groups are organising themselves more effectively and seek to forge links with other violent movements elsewhere, including in ...
  3. Traffic after a shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola

    Saudi suspect in US Navy base attack linked to anti-US Twitter screed

    The Saudi airman accused of killing three people at a US Navy base in Florida appeared to have posted criticism of US wars and quoted slain al ...
  4. File photo of students in NUS

    The Big Read: Open to extremist views, youth want diverse voices and honest talk — but at what cost?

    While youths interviewed believe that their generation is well-placed to handle such issues, some experts pointed out that discerning what are ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Who bears responsibility for the children of Islamic State?

    Dealing with issues of nationality is particularly tricky when it comes to orphans of Islamic State fighters, say Lowy institute's Dr Rodger ...
  6. Indonesian universities step up measures to fight extremism | Video
    Media playtime

    Indonesian universities step up measures to fight extremism | Video

    Universities in Indonesia are stepping up efforts to fight extremism after findings by the National Counterterrorism Agency showed many of the ...
  7. Man on smartphone

    Commentary: Critical thinking, a needed nutrition to resist the virus of falsehoods

    Experiences from counter-extremism efforts offer lessons that a thinking society could benefit from, says one observer from the S Rajaratnam ...
  8. Indonesia bombings

    Commentary: Don't win the battle against terrorism but lose the war on radicalisation

    Indonesia's counter-terrorism strategy has been successfully in preventing major attacks, even though intolerance has been growing, says one observer.