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  1. CNA_Talking Point_Which mask is best for me_Diana Ser
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    Ep 14: Which Mask Is Best For Me?

    As the world faces a shortage of surgical masks, host Diana Ser goes behind the scenes at Singapore’s main surgical mask factory to find out if ...
  2. Have fun wearing a face mask

    Face masks are the new fashion accessories: How to match these with your outfit

    These may be mandatory, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with wearing something that makes you look dowdy. Here’s how you can turn them into ...
  3. A woman wearing a medical face mask

    Is that face mask causing your sensitive skin to break out? A doctor's helpful tips

    Wearing one is the new normal – but our skin might not be used to it. CNA Lifestyle has a step-by-step guide – and yes, you can still wear makeup.
  4. Close up of a woman with cream on her face

    Don’t have time for skincare? Sleeping masks are your best bet

    Let these overnight sleep masks treat your skin while you snooze.