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  1. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Visitors check their phones behind the screen advertising facial recognitio

    Investors call for ethical approach to facial recognition technology

    A group of 50 investors managing more than US$4.5 trillion in assets is calling on companies involved in the development and use of facial ...
  2. The Uighur issue looms as a worrying threat for Chinese companies as global criticism grows over

    Alibaba says it won't allow its tech to target, identify ethnic groups

    Alibaba Group said it will not allow its technology to be used for targeting and identifying specific ethnic groups, following a report that its ...
  3. In an era of face mask CLOTH MASK

    In an era of face masks, we’re all a little more face blind

    Your brain's powers of facial recognition are going to need some time to get used to the coverings we're wearing to keep each other healthy.
  4. Facial-recognition gantry for office workers at Funan

    Commentary: How to make Singapore smile for the facial recognition camera

    Regulation, not a moratorium on facial recognition, may best address its risks, says Mark Cenite.
  5. A customer tries Alipay's facial recognition payment solution "Smile to Pay" at KFC&

    Pay with your face: Alibaba plans to showcase innovative retail tech in new Singapore demo centre

    The Chinese Internet giant, which built up its cloud computing capabilities through its e-commerce business, is hoping to entice customers in ...