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  1. Fairprice Honestbee collage

    Honestbee suspends concierge service for FairPrice products

  2. Mosquito repellent products at FairPrice

    Sufficient supply of mosquito repellent products: FairPrice

    Since news of the first locally transmitted Zika case emerged, there has been a spike in sales of mosquito repellent products, leading to a ...
  3. Abandoned trolley

    FairPrice launches new initiative to solve missing trolleys problem

    To grapple with the problem of missing trolleys, supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice launched an initiative which includes having officers reaching ...
  4. Vegetables at FairPrice Shop

    More value on offer at new-format FairPrice outlets

    The new-format FairPrice Shop has about 50 per cent of space allocated to affordable products such as housebrands, while a typical FairPrice ...