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  1. Traders work on the floor of the NYSE

    Bosses who joke with employees may encourage bad behaviour: Study

    "Aggressive humour" could encourage employees to be chronically absent from work, ignore a manager’s instructions, share confidential information, ...
  2. New Content Item

    Red-handed: China province admits faking economic data

    A Chinese official has admitted his province falsified its economic data for years, vindicating long-held suspicions that China has been cooking ...
  3. Asia Default Image

    Critics concerned over privacy as Thailand pushes to tighten cybersecurity

    Some express concern over the law's vague definition of what constitutes "falsifying data" as the section has regularly been used in the past ...
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    Yang Yin jailed 26 months for committing fraud to gain PR status

    The former tour guide will be sentenced on Friday for another two charges of criminal breach of trust, for misappropriating S$1.1 million from ...
  5. New Content Item

    Prosecutors seek more jail time for Yang Yin, whose ‘criminal odyssey’ lasted years

    Former tour guide Yang Yin had fooled at least five Government agencies to obtain permanent residency in Singapore, and also set up a sham company ...
  6. Singapore currency file

    Duo in Singapore jailed for international money laundering plot

    American Thomas Philip Doehrman and Singaporean Lim Ai Wah falsified a US$3.6 million invoice to a Chinese telecommunications company for a ...