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  1. Hotel 81 founder Choo Chong Ngen and his daughter Carolyn

    Hotel 81 founder Choo Chong Ngen and his daughter Carolyn on going global

    The Singaporean billionaire and his daughter are taking Worldwide Hotels into a new phase of expansion, including a four-star, 20-storey hotel on ...
  2. Josh Guikema and Rolan Co Lieng K’Ho Coffee

    Brewing a love story amid a family-owned coffee farm in central Vietnam

    For American Josh Guikema, courting Rolan Co Lieng, the daughter of a Vietnamese coffee farmer, meant having to prove himself to the family by ...
  3. Pinar Yegin and Deniz Yegin Ikiisik Rumi Su

    These sisters escaped their corporate lives to tell stories on silk scarves

    With their label Rumi Su, Pinar Yegin and Deniz Yegin Ikiisik use whimsical illustrations to turn a traditional accessory into a form of ...
  4. Da Paolo - Scarpa family

    Da Paolo’s latest venture: 30 years on, a bigger slice of Italy in Singapore

    It's Da Paolo’s 30th anniversary, and the Scarpa family is embarking on their most ambitious project yet: The 5,000 sq. ft. Da Paolo Dempsey ...
  5. dumpling restaurant chef

    Commentary: Successions in family restaurants need the love of food to marry the science of business operations

    Food business owners must also have the courage to operate the business for it to sustain for the long haul, says Karen Lam, host and producer of ...
  6. (dn) OTRD Rumah makan minang main pix

    Two brothers want the best for Rumah Makan Minang, but just can’t agree

    One has formal training, the other has street smarts and experience. Who’s right about changing their family-owned restaurant’s menu? As they’ve ...
  7. (ry) youtiao  (22)

    Four generations of selling youtiao: The dough that binds this family

    It started as a humble pushcart on Chin Swee Road. Now they've got stalls overseas. Xi De Li’s success for the Koh family is built on one simple rule: