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  1. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Farms

    Chef Ming Tan finds out why Singapore's farmers need to grow more food, and discovers a burgeoning agri-tech industry. But why are the millions ...
  2. Mohd Sofian bin Ali, Yeo Chen Swee and Seh Cheng Siang

    Meet the Malaysian ‘agropreneurs’ growing S$200 Japanese muskmelons

    In Putrajaya, three Malaysian farmers have perfected growing prized Japanese muskmelons, one of the world’s most expensive fruit, using a system ...
  3. Ivy Singh-Lim

    Singapore's Ivy Singh-Lim: ‘We’ve got to bring the countryside back’

    With Bollywood Veggies newly rebranded as Bollywood Farms, we meet with Singapore’s favourite firebrand Ivy Singh-Lim to find out what plans she ...
  4. FAC Webisode 02
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    Why Meat Is The Worst Food For The Planet

    Our planet is struggling to cope as the demand for meat soars. It’s just not sustainable for rear livestock for the amount of meat produced. But ...
  5. FAC Webisode 03
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    Why You Could Become Your Own Food Producer

    Singapore imports more than 90% of its food supply. There were several supply chain disruptions with the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents are getting ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: John Deere's Harvester Works facility is seen in East Moline

    Improving farm economy drives up Deere earnings

    Deere & Co on Wednesday reported a rise in quarterly earnings, defying Wall Street estimates, as higher crop prices, government subsidy payments ...
  7. Emily Trice relaxes as she connects with her favourite donkey Milly, during a visit to Future Roots

    'The cow can't tell my secrets' - UK care farms a lifeline during pandemic

    Care farms nestled in the British countryside are providing a lifeline for people struggling with mental health during the pandemic, allowing them ...
  8. North Korea showcases country’s progress to foreign journalists | Video
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    North Korea showcases country’s progress to foreign journalists | Video

    North Korea has been keen to show the world it is taking steps to build its economy. Foreign journalists were recently taken by the authorities on ...
  9. TP ep 23 - chicken
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    Ep 23: Which Chicken Should I Buy?

    Corn-fed, free-range, organic, probiotics fed. Our chickens now come with a myriad of labels. But which is best for me?
  10. Despite the challenges, Singapore's farmers and food suppliers continue to flourish

    Singapore's top restaurants buy their produce from local farmers; so should you

    From Quan Fa Organic Farm to Ah Hua Kelong, Singapore’s farmers tell us how they are growing their businesses despite obstacles such as the lack ...