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  1. PGA: PGA Championship - First Round

    Lee says fatherhood helping him cope with highs and lows of PGA Tour

    New Zealand's Danny Lee on Thursday said becoming a father had given him a fresh perspective on golf, helping him take the bad days in stride, but ...
  2. Father daughter family Singapore

    Commentary: When your friends become dads and you're still a bachelor

    An epiphany of my thirties — I don’t have to lose my friends with children, says the Financial Times' Janan Ganesh.
  3. father, baby bonding

    Commentary: I had postnatal depression - as a father

    Healthcare practitioners should recognise that fathers gets postnatal depression too, says social psychology professor Viren Swami.
  4. Parenting- Children's Birthday Parties

    Children’s birthday party: A never-ending weekend rite of passage for parents

    In this week's column: Children’s birthday festivities – kids might love them, but parents fear them. The smartest just run and hide!