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  1. Mogherini with Tillerson

    Mogherini asks US not to 'interfere' in European politics

    U foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini warned Donald Trump's administration not to "interfere" in European politics, particularly following ...
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    EU, Cuba sign pact to normalise relations

    The EU and Cuba on Monday (Dec 12) signed a deal to normalise ties that had been blocked for decades by human rights concerns under revolutionary ...
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    Syrian army advances in Aleppo as civilians flee

    Syria's army advanced in east Aleppo on Saturday (Dec 3) in a devastating assault that has placed it in control of more than half of the former ...
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    'Dealmaker' Trump an opportunity for Europe: UK's Johnson

    "Donald Trump, as I've said before, is a dealmaker and I think that could be a good thing for Britain but it can also be a good thing for Europe," ...
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    EU foreign policy chief wants Brussels military HQ

    EU foreign policy supremo Federica Mogherini wants a Brussels headquarters for European "battlegroups" capable of mounting military interventions ...
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    EU calls for calm as Gabon descends into 'deep crisis'

    The EU called Thursday for all sides in Gabon to reject violence as the country descended into chaos after President Ali Bongo was declared winner ...
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    Johnson says Britain to keep 'leading role' in Europe

    The normally ebullient Johnson was on his best behaviour after infuriating his partners in the run-up to last month's referendum by comparing the ...