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  1. Freezing eggs can give women a chance to have children later

    US$15 million awarded over eggs, embryos ruined at US fertility clinic

    USUS$15M awarded over eggs, embryos ruined at fertility clinic
  2. China is relaxing its family planning policy to allow couples to have up to three children

    Commentary: China’s three-child policy won’t fix its fertility problem

    Simply allowing people to have more children without addressing some of the deeper socio-economic structures will yield little result, says an ...
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    Commentary: China’s fertility crisis could kill its economic dynamism

    China’s fertility rate is on a downward slide, falling from 1.49 in 2018 to 1.47 in 2019 and may soon return to the low levels of the 1990s, says ...
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    Gynaecologist at Dutch hospital fathered at least 17 children

    Dutch hospital: Gynecologist fathered at least 17 children
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    Commentary: Should women stay single?

    Women worldwide have high expectations for marriage, and more decide to stay single to pursue their own ambitions, says Joseph Chamie.
  6. sad mother

    Commentary: Miscarriages affect 1 in 6 pregnancies - but is rarely caused by anything the mother did

    There is increasing advocacy for research into the causes, prevention and management of miscarriages, but there remains a long way to go, says two ...
  7. Ordinarily, for women aged over 40, the chance of a live IVF birth is one in 10.

    Singapore to remove age limit for IVF treatments, introduce new subsidies

  8. Woman speaking to a colleague in the office.

    Commentary: Be concerned about unhealthy mindsets about dating and marriage, not fewer babies

    Inconsistent messaging about dating, practical constraints and overconfidence may have been the reasons behind delayed childbearing, says the Lee ...