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  1. Thanos Avengers Marvel

    Have Avengers: Endgame spoilers leaked online as screenshots and GIFs?

    The Russo Brothers have urged fans to keep spoilers to themselves. “Remember, Thanos still demands your silence.”
  2. Avatar Michelle Yeoh

    Michelle Yeoh joins the cast of upcoming Avatar sequels

    Four Avatar sequels are expected, with Avatar 2 arriving December 2020 and subsequent films arriving December till 2025.
  3. Ahmed Best Jar Jar Binks

    Ahmed Best, actor behind Jar Jar Binks, receives standing ovation at Star Wars celebration

    This is his first appearance since revealing he contemplated suicide after receiving backlash from fans in 2018.
  4. chucky twitter

    Chucky gets an extreme makeover ahead of film reboot for mid 2019

    The murderous doll gets more realistic features after facing wear-and-tear over the decades.
  5. Avengers Endgame brie larson robert downey jr in Seoul CNA Lifestyle

    Endgame: Thanos ‘should be scared’, says Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson in Seoul

    Expect the female of the species to shine in Avengers: Endgame. And maybe bring tissues, said Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.
  6. brie larson in seoul korea endgame CNA Lifestyle

    Starting a Singapore food battle with an Avengers: Endgame star in Seoul

    CNA Lifestyle attempts to make Brie Larson decide between Singapore and Korean street food, and Jeremy Renner is sure Stan Lee isn't gone for good.
  7. X-Men Apocalypse

    Sorry, no X-Men in Marvel movies anytime soon, says Kevin Feige

    The Marvel Studios president debunked rumours that the X-Men characters, formerly of Fox, will appear in the MCU for its 'fleshed out' next phase.
  8. David Harbour as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things

    Stranger Things' David Harbour and Oscar winner Rachel Weisz to join cast of Marvel’s Black Widow

    Scarlett Johansson will reprise her role as the superhero Natasha Romanoff.
  9. avengers endgame trailer 2

    Avengers: Endgame movie tickets selling for almost US$10,000 on eBay

    Demand for the big Avengers finale is reaching a fever pitch ahead of the film’s release.
  10. joker screengrab trailer

    First look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker in upcoming film

    Warner Bros is developing a series of films focusing on various characters from the DC cinematic universe.