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  1. Euro currency

    Commentary: 20 years later, the euro stumbles forward

    The euro has survived many financial crises but there are irreconcilable cracks in the European Union, one UC Berkeley observer points out.
  2. US President Donald Trump, seen in this file photo, urged Democrats on December 29, 2018 to

    Commentary: That’s the sound of financial markets waking up to a looming crisis

    US equity markets moved sideways for most of the year, and have now taken a sharp turn south, says famed New York University economist Nouriel ...
  3. NYSE Dec31

    Wall Street stocks end their worst year since 2008

    Major indices notched modest gains in the year's final session, but it barely made a dent compared with the rest of December, the market's worst ...
  4. Bank of England

    Bank of England warns pound would crash 25% in no-deal Brexit

  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Getting ahead of the next Asian financial crisis requires stronger institutions

    Keeping financial risks in check and strengthen relationships to mitigate the next Asian financial crisis, says one observer.
  6. MAS Ravi Menon at day two of Bloomberg New Economy Forum

    'Look at where debt has gone’: MAS chief warns of 3 shifts in global financial risks

  7. Royal Bank of Scotland

    US finalises US$4.9b fine on RBS for financial crisis conduct

  8. New Content Item

    Markets cautious on eve of Fed rate call

  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: Does it matter when economists get their predictions wrong?

    With economists' predictions often missing the mark, Channel NewsAsia's David Bottomley suggests it's time for the financial sector to look at how ...