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  1. PSB Academy

    Commentary: Private education grads should blame themselves if they can't get a good job? Nonsense

    The fact is all graduates today face a challenging job market and need all the help they can get to develop industry-relevant skills and get a ...
  2. man writing office laptop pen paper

    Commentary: Our faith in psychometric testing is flawed

    Questionnaires are useful but experience shows teams can work well without them, says the Financial Times' Pilita Clark.
  3. A job seeker talks with a corporate recruiter as he peruses the man's resume at a Hire Our Her

    Commentary: Networking is a necessary skill, not a dirty word

    Many young adults and graduating students shy away from networking because it “feels fake”. But the rewards of networking far outweigh the ...
  4. File photo: Man in office at laptop

    Commentary: Insecure overachiever? You are perfect for the job

    High-flying worrywarts are the reason why top professional services companies are successful, says the Financial Times’ Andrew Hill.
  5. NUS students

    Commentary: Forget about finding your passion, when the job offered doesn’t match your dreams

    Graduates and young people in the workforce enjoy a menu of options when it comes to finding a job. NUS' Centre for Future-ready Graduates' ...
  6. SMU students walking by

    Commentary: Young entrants to the workforce must look the part, speak the part

    A focus on paper qualifications or agility misses the mark on what employers expect from fresh graduates today. Skillsets that aid globally ...