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  1. Handcuffs 3

    Singaporeans fined for voluntarily hurting policeman in Malacca: Report

    Two Singaporeans were fined RM1,500 (S$483) each by the magistrate's court in Malacca on Wednesday (Dec 21) for voluntarily causing hurt to a man ...
  2. Crime generic (2)

    Estate agent Franks Property, sole director fined S$215,000 for unlicensed work

    This is the largest fine ever meted out by the court for such an offence, according to the Council for Estate Agencies.
  3. Asia Default Image

    Airlines that dump human waste during flights to face fines, India court rules

    Planes will be subject to surprise checks on landing, and airlines will have to pay a fine of 50,000 rupees (US$735) every time their human waste ...
  4. A labourer secured on a harness works on a building construction in Singapore, January 4, 2006

    Construction company fined S$250,000 for accident that killed 2 workers

    As a result of negligence by GS Engineering & Construction Corp, the two construction workers fell to their deaths in an accident on Jan 22, 2014, ...
  5. Asia Default Image

    Big fine for Nurofen in Australia over misleading claims

    Drug giant Reckitt Benckiser was slapped with a AU$6 million (US$4.4 million) fine Friday for making misleading claims about its popular Nurofen ...
  6. cramped sleeping quarters in containers and makeshift zinc huts

    Construction firm fined S$74,000 for housing foreign workers in unapproved accommodation

    The company, B-Construction, was fined S$74,000 for housing foreign workers in unapproved accommodation, and for helping another construction firm ...
  7. Some foreign domestic workers have borrowed from moneylenders indiscriminately.

    Employer fined S$60,000 for receiving kickbacks from foreign workers

    Ng Boon Cheng, 55, was also banned from employing foreign workers, the Ministry of Manpower said.
  8. ITF littering

    Are fewer dustbins, not fines, the better way to curb littering?

    With littering fines at a 6-year high in Singapore, some look to Taiwan for lessons on keeping clean, not cleaned.
  9. New Content Item

    Two contractors fined for damaging PUB water mains

    Avenue Engineering and Lian Seng Swee Construction were fined S$26,000 and S$40,000, respectively, for damaging water mains while carrying out ...
  10. db Bistro Moderne

    French chef Boulud's restaurant fined US$1.3 million for wire in food

    A piece of metal wire in a plate of coq au vin could cost award-winning French chef Daniel Boulud dearly: a jury has fined one of his restaurants ...