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  1. Woman walks on a cobblestone street in the Old Town of the city of Plovdiv

    Bulgaria's ancient Plovdiv celebrates as European culture capital

    Bulgaria's southern city of Plovdiv kicked off its year as an European Capital of Culture with a lights and music show on a 30-meter high tower in ...
  2. India fireworks factory

    Seven dead in India firework factory blast

  3. CÉ LA VI fireworks national day

    9 places to enjoy a good meal and watch the fireworks this National Day

    One of the biggest highlights every National Day is the fireworks finale. What better way to enjoy the spectacular pyrotechnic display than with ...
  4. Sydney family fireworks

    World kicks off New Year party, defying terror threat

    Global terror attacks have cast a pall over 2016 but Australia defied the threats and rang in the New Year with bumper crowds gathering to watch a ...
  5. sydney nye

    Family passion sparks Sydney's spectacular New Year fireworks

    Meet the family that's been the brains behind Sydney's world-renowned New Year's Eve fireworks display for two decades.