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  1. SGSecure mobile app 1

    More than 550,000 mobile devices equipped with SGSecure app to date: MHA

  2. mental health first aid

    Electronic platform teaching mental health first aid launched

    “The earlier we spot the problems, the easier it is for the person to avoid the situation from getting worse, and the easier it is for the person ...
  3. fire extinguisher

    SCDF warns of impersonators selling fire extinguishers, first aid kits

    In some cases, insistent “hard-sell” techniques were used to get the public to purchase their products, says the SCDF.
  4. SMRT bus and taxi

    Transport workers receive first aid training as part of SGSecure

    On Friday, workers attended talks by industry experts on how to prevent, react and respond to terror attacks in Singapore.
  5. New Content Item

    Singapore Red Cross commits S$41,000 in aid to hurricane-hit Haiti

    Hurricane Matthew has reportedly left more than 300 dead in the island nation.
  6. SGSecure mobile app 1

    Authorities launch SGSecure app in fight against terrorism

    The app allows the police and SCDF to broadcast alerts to the public during terrorist attacks or other major emergencies. The public can also use ...
  7. world first aid day

    Singapore Red Cross launches psychological first aid course

    The one-day course, which is the first of its kind in Singapore, teaches participants how to deal with emotional distress in times of crisis.