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  1. Singapore Phase 2 Takashimaya customers

    Commentary: Those who can afford it must spend more to save the economy

    Consumers can do our part to increase consumer spending because it is a lever that could have a big impact and one that we have some control over, ...
  2. A notice on safe distancing measures in the Raffles Place financial business district in Singapore

    Commentary: New Singapore Government measures must be more targeted than previous three Budgets

    While new fiscal stimulus is needed to save jobs and businesses in Singapore, focus must also be on building longer-term resilience, says OCBC ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Who will bear the costs of COVID-19?

    Governments face a temptation to extend the emergency and defer the eventual reckoning and distribution of costs, says Professor Harold James.
  4. Investors check stock information at a brokerage house in Nantong

    Commentary: The next recession cannot be fixed by higher government spending

    It’s time to sharpen the toolkits of central banks against a heightened risk of recession, says former chief economist of the IMF Kenneth Rogoff.