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  1. Meet the 58-year-old Singapore CEO who runs ultra-marathons in his spare time Alain Esseiva

    Train in Singapore, run in Mongolia: The 58-year-old CEO who does ultra-marathons

    From Antarctica to Kazakhstan, Singapore-based Alain Esseiva has travelled to these exotic corners of the planet just to run exceedingly long ...
  2. Luxe and Sports
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    Ep 5: Luxe and Sports

    Yvonne checks out a swanky invite-only fitness club, tries horse-riding, and tests some of the rarest high-tech sports equipment in Singapore. 
  3. NTUC plans to form association to look after instructors, coaches | Video
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    NTUC plans to form association to look after instructors, coaches | Video

    The National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA) aims to look after those who teach sports, music, fitness, dance and wellness in schools ...
  4. Back workout fitness UFit posture
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    Back: Level up on your workouts | CNA Lifestyle

    You may or may not realise it but you do execute many front-facing actions in your daily activities, said Marcus Fam, 38, head of UFit bootcamps.
  5. how to level up shoulder workout exercise advance CNA Lifestyle
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    Shoulders: Level up on your workouts | CNA Lifestyle

    Despite their size, shoulders can spell big trouble if they are weak. “Your shoulders’ stability will be compromised. This will put your shoulder ...
  6. Weight training may help ease anxiety

    Regular weight training may help ease anxiety, a new study shows

    A basic programme of lunges, lifts, squats and crunches eased anxiety levels in healthy young men and women.
  7. Russia was banned from international athletics after evidence emerged of state-sponsored doping

    IN FOCUS: Tackling sexual misconduct in the sports and fitness industry

    After a number of high-profile incidents, CNA takes an in-depth look at what the sport and fitness industry is doing to ensure that trainers, ...
  8. Premier League - Liverpool v Newcastle United

    Matip and Keita hand Liverpool fitness boost ahead of Atalanta test

    Joel Matip and Naby Keita have returned to Liverpool first-team training but manager Juergen Klopp is yet to decide if both will be available for ...
  9. Technogym bets on home fitness as COVID-19 empties gyms

    Technogym bets on home fitness boom as virus empties gyms

    Italian fitness-equipment maker Technogym is working to supply more of its exercise machines and virtual trainers to peoples' homes to offset a ...