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  1. Demand for sports equipment remains strong a year after COVID-19 circuit breaker start | Video
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    Demand for sports equipment remains strong a year after COVID-19 circuit breaker start | Video

    A year after Singapore entered a "circuit breaker" to stem the spread of COVID-19, the motivation to stay fit at home remains strong. Some sports ...
  2. Woman exercising with hand-held weights

    Too much high-intensity exercise may be bad for your health, new study says

    HIIT workouts are popular, but too much of this type of exercise might not be beneficial, according to a recent study.
  3. IWD Nawal HERO

    This Singaporean activewear brand makes sportswear that Muslim women want

    CNA Lifestyle continues its series on trailblazing Singaporean female entrepreneurs in March. This week, we meet Nawal Alhaddad, who started her ...
  4. Trapeze Rec Club Singapore

    This new fitness club in Tanjong Pagar focuses on wellness, mental health

    More than a place for a good sweat-it-out session, Trapeze Rec Club, a soon-to-open fitness and recreation club in Singapore's CBD, aims to focus ...
  5. New Content Item
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    Ep 1: Working Out An Appetite

    Front Double Biceps. Drop Sets. Bench Press. Chef Anthony discovers why there’s an art of body sculpting as he trains, flexes his confidence, and ...
  6. For better heart health, be active

    For better heart health, be active – even walking reduces risk of heart disease

    The more you do, the better, but even mild exercise like walking produces benefits for cardiovascular health, a large new study found.
  7. A young girl carries harvested food

    Exercise vs diet – what Amazonian children can teach us about weight gain

    What we eat may be more important than how much we move when it comes to fighting obesity.
  8. New Zealand v India - Second Test

    Umesh clears fitness test to join India squad - board

    Seamer Umesh Yadav has cleared a fitness assessment and joined India's test squad for the two tests against England in Ahmedabad, the country's ...