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  1. Close-up of woman's abdomen hands

    Not sure if you can exercise during your period? Here's what the experts say

    Exercise may help with the cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms. But if you're into yoga inversions, spinning or HIIT, should you carry on?
  2. Business is booming for Singapore’s bicycle retailers

    Business is booming for Singapore’s bike retailers, but the picture isn’t all rosy

    Demand for bicycles that cost up to five figures has increased, but global supply shortages are holding back sales numbers. The longer waiting ...
  3. Workout from home: 8 easy exercise routines using everyday objects | CNA Lifestyle
    Media playtime

    Workout from home: 8 easy exercise routines using everyday objects | CNA Lifestyle

    Want to exercise on a budget? Just grab some socks, a towel, a couple of water bottles and your luggage at home. Trium Fitness’ Dawn Sim demos ...
  4. BC-WELL-JOB-MENTAL-HEALTH-ART-NYTSF — Naomi Osaka awaits a serve during her defeat of Patricia Mari

    What to do when your job harms your mental health

    Tennis star Naomi Osaka advocated for her well-being at work. Here’s how you can too.
  5. Home exercise routine 1

    Exercise on a budget: How to work out at home without fancy gym equipment

    Socks? Check. Towel? Check. Some water bottles? Check. Here are eight easy-to-follow routines perfect for building strength at home.
  6. CRU TV Bike 2

    This Singapore gym has a spin bike you can buy for your home workouts

    The CRU TV Bike, launched by fitness group CRU, comes equipped with a 21.5-inch rotating touchscreen for streaming cycling, boxing, yoga and HIIT ...
  7. Man running jogging

    Why experts say the best time of the day to go for a run is in the evening

    Late-day exercise had unique benefits for cholesterol levels and blood sugar control, a study of overweight men eating a high-fat diet found.
  8. The secret to a happy and vibrant old age? Strive to do what you love

    What's the secret to living longer? Take it from someone who just turned 80

    A health writer who has hit a birthday milestone shares what she's learnt over the years about the things that might help us live longer.
  9. Online workouts to try at home

    5 online workouts to try at home to get that adrenaline and endorphin rush

    Is your gym or fitness studio closed? Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t break a sweat.
  10. How exercise may help us flourish

    How exercise may help us flourish – not just physically, but mentally, too

    Exercise is linked to a sense of structure and purpose, a new study shows.