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  1. Weather in January 2018

    Commentary: Climate change needs better storytelling to address severe threats

    The World Economic Forum says extreme weather events are the most likely and most severe threat facing humanity in 2018 yet climate change doesn’t ...
  2. Singapore Raffles Place rain

    Commentary: Days of cool weather do not negate climate change’s destructive impact

    With the cool weather that swept through Singapore, some residents wondered if there is a positive side to climate change. Such thinking is ...
  3. Flooded MRT Tunnel credit SCDF

    Don't shame staff, keep morale high: PAP MPs respond to MRT tunnel flooding saga

    More than 10 MPs raised clarifications in Parliament on Tuesday (Nov 7), on Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s ministerial statement on the issue.
  4. Khaw Boon Wan SMRT statement

    In full: Khaw Boon Wan's ministerial statement on train tunnel flooding incident

  5. Mount Elizabeth flooding

    Heavy rain causes flooding in parts of Singapore

  6. A collapsed road is seen following torrential rain caused by typhoon Lan in Kishiwada

    Typhoon leaves flooding, five dead in Japan before moving out to sea

    A rapidly weakening typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan on Monday, setting off landslides and flooding that prompted evacuation orders for tens of ...
  7. Vietnam floods

    Floods, landslides in Vietnam kill 37 people, thousands evacuated

  8. Manila floods

    Battered by cyclone, Philippines suffers flooding, landslides