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  1. Up to 35 dead as Typhoon Hagibis slams Japan
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    Up to 35 dead as Typhoon Hagibis slams Japan

    Tens of thousands of rescuers worked through the pre-dawn hours on Monday (Oct 14) to reach people trapped by landslides and floods in Japan ...
  2. Holland Green after construction

    PUB completes Bukit Timah drainage project to reduce risk of flash floods

  3. Toddbrook Reservoir dam

    British town evacuated as dam disintegrates

  4. Crocodiles hunt in flooded Indian city (1)

    Crocodiles hunt dogs in flooded Indian city

  5. Mega Floods
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    Mega Floods

    Singapore lies in the path of powerful monsoons. Its people used to suffer devastating floods that took lives and shattered families. "Days of ...
  6. People use a makeshift raft to move on a flooded area in Gaibandha

    Bangladesh rivers break their banks, forcing 400,000 to flee homes

    Rain-swollen rivers in Bangladesh broke through at least four embankments, submerging dozens of villages and doubling the number of people fleeing ...
  7. Torrential monsoon rains have brought floods and landslides to Nepal and northeast India

    More than three dozen killed in monsoon rains in South Asia

  8. Japan landslide

    Another death as heavy rains prompt evacuations in Japan

    Torrential rains killed one woman and caused flooding and landslides in southern Japan on Thursday (Jul 4), authorities said, as they began ...