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  1. The French Riviera has been hit by torrential rains

    Two killed by floods in southern France

    Two people were killed on Sunday by floods in the French Riviera, which has been hit by fresh torrential rains a week after extreme weather left ...
  2. Two people have lost their lives and one more is missing

    Two dead, one missing after rainstorms drench south France

  3. DFP 2

    PUB to deploy new portable flood protection devices for northeast monsoon season

  4. Forecasters expect a welcome improvement in water levels in Venice over the coming days, allowing

    Venice comes up for air after week of record flooding

    Venice sought to return to normal life on Monday after a week of unprecedented flooding that devastated the city, submerging homes, business and ...
  5. Flooding in the lagoon city of Venice

    Venice braces for another devastating high tide

    Venice braced for another devastating high tide on Friday morning as the lagoon city struggled with the wreckage left by the biggest surge of ...