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  1. New Zealand v England - Second Test

    Woakes the latest to fall victim to England flu bug

    Chris Woakes is the latest concern for England ahead of the first test against South Africa as the tourists battle with a flu bug, captain Joe ...
  2. A sign advertising the availability of flu shots is taped onto a door of a Duane Reade in New York

    Only a quarter of US childcare centers require kids to have flu shots

    Only a quarter of childcare centers in the United States require children in their care to get a flu shot, and even fewer require childcare ...
  3. Fighting the flu: Vaccination still the best safeguard, say doctors | Video
    Media playtime

    Fighting the flu: Vaccination still the best safeguard, say doctors | Video

    The flu season is upon us, and official figures show that more people are falling ill from a particular strain - Influenza A, H1N1. Doctors say ...
  4. GCI Stock

    What’s the link between diabetes and flu?

    Most of us are familiar with health risks related to diabetes, like kidney disease and vision problems. Yet, many are not aware that living with ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Roche tablets are seen positioned in front of a displayed Roche logo in this photo illu

    New Roche flu drug can drive resistance in influenza viruses: researchers

    Roche's influenza treatment Xofluza, a one-dose pill that can clear flu symptoms within days, may cause a mutation of the virus that leads to drug ...
  6. Ten pills of the antibiotic "Amoxicillin 1000mg" are seen at a pharmacy in Hanau

    Commentary: Our misuse, overuse of antibiotics comes with a huge cost

    Infections can become resistant to the standard drugs used to treat them if we are not careful, say Dr Clarence Tam and Jane Lim from NUS Saw Swee ...
  7. President Trump Speaks to Media on South Lawn

    Trump signs order aimed at development of better flu vaccines

    U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order aimed at spurring the development of better vaccines to protect against seasonal ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: A logo of Sanofi is pictured during the company's shareholders meeting in Paris

    Sanofi signs US rights deal with Roche for flu treatment Tamiflu

    French drugs and healthcare group Sanofi said on Tuesday it had signed a rights deal with Roche for the 'Tamiflu' product in the United States.