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  1. FILE PHOTO: A logo of Sanofi is pictured during the company's shareholders meeting in Paris

    Sanofi signs US rights deal with Roche for flu treatment Tamiflu

    French drugs and healthcare group Sanofi said on Tuesday it had signed a rights deal with Roche for the 'Tamiflu' product in the United States.
  2. Why do employers still insist on an MC for staff who call in sick?

    Commentary: What can help curb the spread of the flu? Hand sanitisers

    Providing hand sanitisers in public places may be worth the investment, says James Cook University’s Trent Yarwood.
  3. Flu cold sneeze virus

    Commentary: Sick with the flu? Here's why you feel so bad

    Runny nose, sore throat and aches are signs that your body is fighting the flu virus, says Monash University professor in viral immunology, ...
  4. Flu cold sneeze virus

    Whether it’s the flu or monkeypox, here’s how to avoid picking up a virus

    Should you move away if someone at the next table is sneezing? And how long does a virus survive on surface tops? CNA Lifestyle asks an expert.
  5. Woman getting her flu vaccine.

    Commentary: Now may be a good time to get your flu vaccine

    Getting vaccinated early is better than not at all, says Ian Barr, Deputy Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre of Reference and Research on ...
  6. Flu cold symptoms spread infection sneeze blow nose

    Is your family in perpetual flu hell? Women may suffer from it more than men

    A study has found that the reason may be physiological. If you're juggling family and work, here’s how you can minimise catching the virus and ...
  7. Sick with  the flu? You should have gotten a vaccination.

    Commentary: Flu vaccine not effective? Think again

    Common misperceptions about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine is one reason holding us back from getting vaccinated, says the Saw Swee Hock ...
  8. Emergency room nurse Christine Bauer treats Joshua Lagade of Vista, California, for the flu as his

    Commentary: The flu, a global threat the world is poorly prepared for

    A universal flu vaccine may hold the key but until then, countries need to press on with immunisation programmes, says one health expert.
  9. Flu cases widespread in almost every state: US health officials
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    Flu cases widespread in almost every state: US health officials

    Hospitals in the US have treated nearly 12,000 confirmed cases of influenza between October last year and Jan 20, 2018, but the Centers for ...