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  1. UK airports following new quarantine rules

    Commentary: What my first flight in four months told me about the future of travel

    New hygiene-related practices, coupled with a rethinking of how many trips were truly necessary, are welcomed changes in a post-pandemic world, ...
  2. The last Qantas Boeing 747 traced the shape of a kangaroo with its flightpath as it headed to

    Commentary: Airlines that shift towards long-haul flights will succeed post-coronavirus

    These will be driven by factors including the change in customer behaviours, geographical location of cities, ongoing travel restrictions and the ...
  3. Bourke Street mall is seen devoid of people after Melbourne re-entered lockdown to curb

    Commentary: How much will COVID-19 lockdowns slow the effects of climate change?

    Lockdowns have seen huge changes in travel and consumption patterns, which could bode well if people continued with them, says an observer from ...
  4. Jacinda Ardern has won widespread praise for New Zealand's response to the COVID-19 pandemic

    Commentary: NZ has brought COVID-19 to heel and is thinking hard about opening up travel

    New Zealand has to decide how best to open air travel including whether it should be restricted to certain types of travellers like foreign ...
  5. Changi Airport 09

    Commentary: Here's how Singapore can take the reins of opening up travel bubbles safely

    Quotas on inbound travel, on top of the mutual acceptance of national standards on quarantine, testing and contact tracing, will be needed for air ...
  6. Motion sickness altitude sickness plane travel holiday

    Commentary: Flying and the pain of dealing with allergies, anxieties and emergencies while up in the air

    As people live, work and travel longer, whether on business or holiday, there is a greater likelihood of medical problems in the air, says the ...
  7. koala qantas 2

    Commentary: Flying is not fun, which is why I prefer long-haul, direct flights

    I could have actually used a longer flight, says Jay L Zagorsky, who took the world's longest flight recently.
  8. Visitors browse at the stand of Avis Budget Group vehicle rental company during the International T

    Commentary: Hidden holiday charges make us angry and rightly so

    Whether it’s extra car hire fees or hotel Wi-Fi, we’re often left feeling ripped off, says the Financial Times' Tim Harford
  9. An aeroplane departs Gatwick airport

    Commentary: Carbon emissions? Sorry but I will keep flying until someone stops me

    As calls to curb the carbon emissions from flying grow, how wise is it to reduce gloval travel on this flimsy pretext? University of Western ...
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: Staying awake for lengthy hours – how pilots combat fatigue to fly long-haul flights

    Should pilots be allowed to nap in the cockpit? How much rest should they have? Stephen Rice and Scoll Winter from Emry-Riddle Aeronautical ...