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  1. Students from St Andrews University are covered in foam as they take part in the traditional '

    St Andrews students lather up for foam fight

    Hundreds of students at a university in Scotland put down their books and took part in a mass foam fight on Monday, a tradition to welcome the new ...
  2. liho singapore

    Goodbye Gong Cha Singapore, hello LiHO and cheese tea

  3. Suntec Coundown New Year's party clean-up

    After the New Year parties, the big clean-up begins

    According to the National Environment Agency, an average of 35,000 kilogrammes of waste is generated by New Year's Eve countdowns each year.
  4. ntu thin foam

    New insulation foam invented to keep buildings quieter, cooler

    The new material - known as aerogel composites - is able to block out up to 80 per cent of outside noise and insulate against heat 2.6 times better.