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  1. On The Job as a food court cleaner: Exhausting work which could be easier if people cleared their own plates  

    In a Channel NewsAsia's series profiling some of Singapore’s essential but underappreciated jobs, Jalelah Abu Baker tries her hand at working as a ...
  2. Jakarta's traffic-clogged economy gets a lift from motorbike deliveries

    Three years ago, Ferly Aninditya's stall at a Jakarta food court was losing money. Deterred by the Indonesian capital's paralysing traffic, few ...
  3. Evolving food courts: Blending hawker fare and hipster cafe

  4. ‘Socially conscious’ hawker centre at Tampines hub to open in November

    The hawker centre, which will have 42 cooked food stalls and about 800 seats, will feature natural ventilation, family friendly seating, ...
  5. Instant hit: Singapore's first vending machine cafe draws queues

    Would you wait an hour and a half to purchase your meal from a vending machine?
  6. Off-duty firefighters put out Causeway Point fire

    A group of firemen were having breakfast at a food court after a 24-hour shift, when they noticed smoke coming from one of the stalls.