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  1. Trace Mak Together Actresses

    Sibling sleuthing: New Singapore short film hams up supermarket espionage

    Three daughters seek the secret to mum’s cooking in this comedic short from the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment.
  2. 30 Jan 2021
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    Ep 31: CNA Correspondent: Climate Change - Farmers’ Fight

    Extreme weather conditions have hurt the agriculture industry globally. Many are relying on government to take action, some individuals or groups ...
  3. FAC Webisode 04
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    Why Tons Of Food Were Dumped During The Covid-19 Pandemic

    During COVID-19, tons and tons of staple foods like eggs, milk and fresh vegetables were thrown away or destroyed. See how a complex and ...
  4. FAC Webisode 02
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    Why Meat Is The Worst Food For The Planet

    Our planet is struggling to cope as the demand for meat soars. It’s just not sustainable for rear livestock for the amount of meat produced. But ...
  5. FAC Webisode 01
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    Why Eating Native Produce Will Save The World

    What are native fruits and vegetables? And why do many of us only consume commercially available produce? Neglecting native products has an ...
  6. FAC Webisode 03
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    Why You Could Become Your Own Food Producer

    Singapore imports more than 90% of its food supply. There were several supply chain disruptions with the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents are getting ...
  7. FAC Webisode 05
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    How To Ensure You’ll Always Have Your Favourite Foods

    How do we future-proof against food supply disruptions? Automation, mechanisation and robotics are leading the way in Singapore, as the country ...
  8. food for thought thumbnail
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    Ep 3: Food For Thought

    COVID-19 and globalisation don't mix well. The pandemic has highlighted the interdependence and vulnerabilities of supply chains. Will this be ...
  9. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Feeding A City: The Suppliers

    When you import 90% of your food, any disruptions to the global supply chain - food shortages, price hikes, even panic buying - will have ...