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  1. French laws designed to address food waste | Video
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    French laws designed to address food waste | Video

    Entrepreneurs in France have realised food waste can be turned into profit. They are aided by laws banning retailers and producers from throwing ...
  2. canned food given out to needy

    Commentary: Reduce waste by redistributing food surplus to those in need

    Ensuring that food is not wasted and can be redistributed to those who are food-insecure must be a national vision, says NMP Anthea Ong.
  3. Composite picture of aflluence's extravagance.

    Commentary: Wasteful practices of affluence must stop

    Let’s consider a set of new 3Rs for environmental sustainability – namely, reinvention, recalibration and reward, says Nominated Member of ...
  4. Why some plastic packaging is necessary

    Commentary: Why some plastic packaging is necessary

    Plastic packaging may be beneficial in reducing food waste, say Brunel University London's Manoj Dora and Eleni Lacovidou.
  5. food waste

    Large hotels, malls, caterers will have to segregate food waste from 2024

  6. Bread beer 4

    In food waste fight, Brits turn bread into beer

    At a brewery nestled in rolling farmland in northern England, the process of making beer begins with dropping dozens of unwanted loaf ends, thrown ...
  7. Citizen Farm closed loop farming 4

    'Closed loop' urban farm in Queenstown tackles food waste with insects

  8. dumpster diving 7

    The man who finds treasure, and the secret of happiness, in the trash

    He forages in rubbish to put half-eaten food and still-usable items to good use. In the process, Daniel Tay has found a happier way to live - and ...
  9. giant supermarket

    Commentary: Behind picture-perfect supermarkets in Singapore is looming waste

    Food waste in Singapore is a massive problem. Supermarkets should lead the way to fight it, argue two environment experts.