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  1. OTRD ep 41 - how to stop hunger
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    Ep 41: How To Stop Hunger

    Why does hunger still exist in Singapore’s food paradise? Germaine Tan learns that contrary to popular belief, hunger isn’t always tied to poverty ...
  2. An urban farm in Singapore, on the rooftop of Raffles City shopping centre.

    From Singapore to Hong Kong, how urban farming can help tackle food waste — but is it enough?

    A disconnect between consumers and their food supply chain has led to wasteful ways in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. Bringing farming to ...
  3. Food wastage occurring outside a wholesale market in Indonesia.

    Why our food supply chain is flawed, and these champions’ efforts to stop the waste

    It is a battle for produce in countries like India and Indonesia to reach consumers. Up to 40 per cent of food in Asia is lost post-harvest during ...
  4. Bruised fruits? Beauty standards are a factor in food waste, but change is coming.

    When over 7 tonnes of chicken is discarded daily — the alarming scale of food waste in Asia

    Cities in Asia are losing all kinds of food. And most of this wastage happens even before consumers can make their purchases. In a three-part ...
  5. OTRD ep 37 - how to stop waste
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    Ep 37: How To Stop: Waste

    20-something Germaine Tan sets out to meet young innovators who think they have the solution to one of the biggest problems Singapore is facing.
  6. Kausmo

    The young female duo bent on educating Singapore diners about food waste

    At private dining setup Kausmo, founders Lisa Tang and Kuah Chew Shian incorporate locally-farmed ingredients into their omakase menus, ...
  7. Nathaniel Phua

    How this 30-year-old CEO went from being a fashion marketeer to a waste management advocate

    From rubbing shoulders with celebrities and models at local fashion festivals to handling soldier fly larvae that consume food waste, Ento ...
  8. FAC Webisode 04
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    Why Tons Of Food Were Dumped During The Covid-19 Pandemic

    During COVID-19, tons and tons of staple foods like eggs, milk and fresh vegetables were thrown away or destroyed. See how a complex and ...
  9. Local firms turn waste products into selling point | Video
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    Local firms turn waste products into selling point | Video

    As interest in sustainable and ethical consumption grows, a furniture company and a beer brewery in Singapore have made waste reduction a central ...