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  1. dumpster diving 7

    The man who finds treasure, and the secret of happiness, in the trash

    He forages in rubbish to put half-eaten food and still-usable items to good use. In the process, Daniel Tay has found a happier way to live - and ...
  2. giant supermarket

    Commentary: Behind picture-perfect supermarkets in Singapore is looming waste

    Food waste in Singapore is a massive problem. Supermarkets should lead the way to fight it, argue two environment experts.
  3. ntuc fairprice food waste

    NTUC FairPrice reduced food wastage by 48,000kg in 2016

    The decrease was due to food waste reduction and donation initiatives, the supermarket chain says.
  4. Chicken chop Malaysia

    What a waste: Malaysia's struggle with excess food

    Food wastage is a growing problem in Malaysia, where authorities and non-governmental organisations are working to address the issue.