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  1. Raw vegan diet food period women (2)

    Low-carb keto diets have some health benefits and some risks

  2. Onions

    India banned onion exports. Now Asia has eye-watering prices.

  3. Laksa without 'towgay'?
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    Laksa without 'towgay'?

    Beansprouts are found in many of our hawker dishes - be it laksa, popiah, or prawn mee. But few people realise that prices of the humble 'towgay' ...
  4. Why you’re paying more for pretty veggies
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    Why you’re paying more for pretty veggies

    Here's how our obsession with perfect, hole-free vegetables is leading to higher kailan prices – and a whole lot of waste.
  5. Vegetarian Pad Thai

    What omnivores get wrong about vegetarian cooking – and how to make it simpler

    It seems difficult to transition to cooking vegetarian or vegan meals. But sometimes, you just need to identify the factors that are holding you back.
  6. McDonald's new plant-based burger to be tested in Canada

    McDonald's to test plant-based Beyond Meat burger in Canada

  7. French fries

    Carbs like sweets, fries, white bread remain staples of US diet

  8. bean sprouts

    As beansprout prices shoot up in Singapore, will they go missing from our favourite dishes?

    What used to be a cheap vegetable is no longer, beansprout prices have increased 70 per cent at wet markets while those at supermarkets have gone ...