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  1. Mother feeding her baby at home

    Commentary: Can young working parents survive without a maid?

    Having a helper around helped us to ride out a rough season when we had many young children. Letting her go will not be easy, says a mother of three.
  2. Foreign maids must be supervised when cleaning windows

    Commentary: Instead of robots or commodities, why not treat foreign domestic workers like fellow human beings?

    Recent news of how employment agencies have presented foreign domestic workers as tradable commodities should spur us to think about whether this ...
  3. New Content Item

    Indonesian maid bond: MOM says embassy referred only 64 cases with employment issues in 2017

    MOM responds after the Indonesian Embassy on Wednesday said that the bond was "urgently necessary" in order for it to better protect its workers, ...
  4. maid file photo

    New bond for Indonesian helpers 'urgently necessary' to protect them: Indonesian Embassy

    The new S$6,000 performance bond requirement for employers of Indonesian foreign domestic workers (FDW) acts as a measure to "better protect" them ...
  5. Maid agency in Singapore file

    Commentary: Maids’ overtime pay is long overdue

    Foreign domestic workers are a vulnerable group who deserve rest days, and compensation for the rest days they do not take, says one observer from ...
  6. Crime generic (1)

    Woman charged for failing to pay maid's salaries for nearly a year

    She has now been banned from hiring a foreign domestic worker, the Ministry of Manpower says.