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  1. Foreign maids must be supervised when cleaning windows

    Commentary: The wrangling over rest days foreign domestic workers and their employers face in Phase 2

    As Singapore moves to Phase 2, the rules concerning FDWs on their rest days may get trickier to navigate but more needs to be done to ensure they ...
  2. MOM officers talking to FDW

    MOM steps up efforts to disperse gatherings of migrant workers on Sunday

  3. maids singapore

    The Big Read: As maids become a necessity for many families, festering societal issues could come to the fore

    For many Singapore households, there remains a genuine need for live-in domestic help. And the number of such families is set to rise, given the ...
  4. Khanifah

    Commentary: How should maid abusers be punished?

    We often see comments calling for offenders to be caned repeatedly, jailed for life, or even executed but a dispassionate view of issues is what ...