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  1. U.S. President Trump addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York

    Analysis: Are Trump’s foreign policy moves setting the stage for global chaos?

    Evidence of what's being seen as a growing chasm between the US and the rest of the world surfaced again in New York on Tuesday, at the United ...
  2. vivian balakrishnan and US,China,Malaysia,Indonesia relations

    International issues will 'increasingly be dragged' into domestic discourse: Vivian Balakrishnan

    Singaporeans must be well-informed about the multitude and diversity of views, and at the same time, be discerning towards "fake news", says the ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Americans are worried about global regard for their country - and rightly so

    A polarised electorate and alarming policy reversals is reducing confidence in US global leadership not just abroad but also domestically within ...
  4. Mike Pompeo

    CIA's Pompeo: Tough-talking ex-soldier has earned Trump's trust

  5. Trump feeds fish

    Commentary: Trump's Japan trip reveals two faces of America

    Those in Asia looking for clues on America's policy towards the region will find two diverging inclinations, says the Lowy Institute's Aaron L ...
  6. Donald Trump on Iran

    Trump breaks with allies as US goes it alone on Iran

  7. VB at MFA town hall

    Full speech: Vivian Balakrishnan highlights principles underpinning Singapore's diplomacy

    In a town hall discussion with officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday (Jul 17), Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan ...