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    Eight bodies recovered after landslide at defunct Myanmar jade mine

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    Myanmar claws through rubble for 27 buried in jade mine landslide

  3. New Content Item

    China must improve core technology innovation, says Xi

  4. FILE PHOTO: Smoke billows during a fire in an area of the Amazon rainforest at the Kuikuro territor

    Fires to clear land lead to near-record loss of tree cover in 2017, study shows

    Burning of forests to make way for farms from the Amazon to the Congo basin caused a loss of global tree cover amounting to an area almost the ...
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    Five dead in Indonesian illegal gold mine accident

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    Illegal South African abalone flowing into Hong Kong: Report

  7. Members of the orang asli community in Kelantan

    Activists, TV crew detained at anti-logging blockade in Kelantan

    Kelantan's Forestry Department carried out the detentions at a blockade in the state's interior, local media reported.
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    Helicopters bound for Riau, Kalimantan to control forest fires: Report

    Hotspots have been detected this week in some Riau regencies, according to local reports.
  9. Sky Green vertical farm

    Despite small size, Singapore can play big role in food production: Khaw

    "We envision our farms of the future to be high-tech, innovative, highly intensive and productive, able to do more, with less,” says Minister for ...