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  1. A Grab motor driver is seen in a street in Jakarta

    Commentary: The untold trade-off as a freelancer, when work is not work but 'opportunity'

    One former Olympic cyclist's fight to prove her work is more than just a hobby exposes the harsh realities behind gig work, Financial Times' ...
  2. how to know if freelance work is right for you Singapore CNA Lifestyle couch

    Commentary: The freelance life is passion made possible but not for all

    Becoming a gig worker is all the rage right now but the secret to succeeding as one is by loving, not hating what you do, says a full-time freelancer.
  3. Grab ad

    Commentary: Helping Grab drivers find jobs and have enough money an uphill battle

    The gig economy’s adverse effects on those lured into a once-lucrative industry should prompt us to think how to temper its ill effects, says one ...
  4. Members of the orang asli community in Kelantan

    Activists, TV crew detained at anti-logging blockade in Kelantan

    Kelantan's Forestry Department carried out the detentions at a blockade in the state's interior, local media reported.
  5. New Content Item

    Singapore to launch sports coaching academy in May 2017

    The academy, CoachSG, will will work with coaches to enhance their competency and skill sets, national sports agency Sport Singapore says. There ...