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  1. A man holds an Estelada (Catalan separatist flag) in front of French police officers at the AP-7 hi

    French police disperse protesters blocking major Spain-France road link

    French riot police were dispersing on Tuesday morning hundreds of Catalan pro-independence demonstrators who had been blocking a major road link ...
  2. French police secure the area in front of the Paris Police headquarters in Paris

    After knife rampage, French police are alert for radicalised colleagues

    French police have re-opened an internal investigation into the suspected Islamist sympathies of a senior police officer, three sources close to ...
  3. 72nd Cannes Film Festival - News conference for the film "Les Miserables" in competition

    Cannes filmmaker urges Macron to watch tale of French police violence

    Filmmaker Ladj Ly urged French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday to watch his thriller about a chaotic police patrol, in the running for the ...
  4. Paris police hold 35 after violent demo over Chinese death

    Beijing urges France to protect Chinese community after police shooting

    Paris police said around 150 "members of the Asian community" gathered late Monday outside a police station in the northeast of the capital and ...
  5. New Content Item

    Paris police hold 35 after violent demo over Chinese death

    French police said Tuesday (Mar 28) they had arrested 35 people after a demonstration by the capital's Asian community over the killing of a ...