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  1. FILE PHOTO: Surveillance camera is seen outside an Apple store in Beijing

    Fried chicken vs US$13: Apple, Qualcomm explain claims to jury as trial opens

    A trial opened Tuesday in a complex contract and anti-trust dispute between Apple Inc and Qualcomm Inc with the iPhone maker using a fried chicken ...
  2. Chix Hot Chicken Taufik Batisah restaurant fried 1

    Taufik Batisah takes a spicy venture into F&B with Chix Hot Chicken

    The musician and actor wants all his customers to smile and cry from the heat of the Nashville hot chicken he's serving up.
  3. KFC UK 1

    KFC counts its chickens as UK stores slowly reopen

  4. The Bird Restaurant

    What to expect at new Southern fried chicken restaurant The Bird

    This popular Miami import makes its international debut at Marina Bay Sands.
  5. (ss) Nasi ayam 1

    Mdm Habibah's nasi ayam Lebanon: The recipe

    It’s a nasi ayam done with a twist - one that uses Middle Eastern spices, but cooked to suit the Singaporean Malay palate.
  6. steen 4 fingers 1

    4Fingers has appetite for Western markets

  7. Jollibee opens in Winnipeg

    Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee opens first outlet in Canada

    Jollibee, which has 3,000 outlets worldwide, has opened in Winnipeg, Canada.
  8. freakshakes

    Insta-gratification: Cafes seek success in a Snap

    With the rise in the number of "hipster" cafes in Singapore, is it more important to be a "food Instagrammer's paradise"? Channel NewsAsia speaks ...
  9. Texas Chicken CEO Jim Hyatt

    Texas Chicken bets on ‘shining star’ Asia to grab bigger slice of world market

    Chief executive Jim Hyatt describes the Asian market as a “real shining star” for the American fast food chain, which is planning to double the ...
  10. New Content Item

    Owner of Michelin-starred soya sauce chicken stall eyes world domination

    Mr Chan Hong Meng, owner of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle in Chinatown, tells Channel NewsAsia he plans to expand his business, not ...