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  1. Group of women of diverse ethnicities

    Should you rebuild all the friendships you've lost during COVID-19?

    Friends generally fall into tiers, like the ol’ food pyramid, except in this case, the tiny triangle at the pinnacle is where the good stuff is, ...
  2. Elderly people and students studying French use video conference to beat lockdown blues

    Lockdown's unlikely friendship between French pensioner and British student

    For Jacqueline Tolu, a 98-year-old French woman, and Elliot Bellman, a 20-year-old student living in his parents' house in England, the COVID-19 ...
  3. Friendship story between a Belgian Jewish survivor of the Holocaust Gronowski and a Belgian artist

    Holocaust survivor and Nazi sympathiser's son forge friendship in Belgium

    More than seven decades ago, their families were divided by war and hatred - Koenraad Tinel, the son of a Nazi sympathiser, and Simon Gronowski, a ...
  4. Friends

    How to deal with friendships during these difficult times

    You might emerge from 2020 with fewer friendships, and that’s ok.
  5. woman-between-men-facing-mountains-1255062

    Friendships have a bigger impact on your health than romantic relationships

    Here another reason to treasure your friends: You'll live longer. That's according to multiple studies around the world. Time to call your army ...
  6. girl friends

    Commentary: The sadness felt when your work spouse leaves the company

    Making friends in adulthood takes a long time, says Financial Times' Isabel Berwick.
  7. running shadows

    Commentary: When someone close becomes a worrisome rival, a tricky situation

    It's not easy to accept, but there is more to gain than to lose from cooperation with your rivals, says Financial Times' Pilita Clark
  8. friendship

    Commentary: Slow down to make meaningful connections in a fast-paced world

    While technology has made it convenient for us to make new friends, it has also made us complacent about doing so, says one observer.