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  1. Miele Blackboard Edition Hero

    This refrigerator lets you jot down grocery lists and doctor’s appointments

    Miele’s Blackboard Edition fridge and freezers come with a blackboard made of glass that can be scribbled on with chalk.
  2. Flatlay of gadgets

    From gear apocalypse to pandemic gadgets: How the gizmos we buy define our times

    A brutally unexpected year turned millions of people into gear nerds, whether they liked it or not.
  3. 7 nifty tech devices to make your home life more comfortable

    Want to make your home life more comfortable? Here are 7 nifty tech devices

    When it comes to the home, smart is the new sexy. These gadgets will give your abode an instant tech upgrade.
  4. Samsung The Premiere 2

    A home cinema projector, WFH laptops: The best new tech from IFA 2020

    CNA Luxury rounds up the hottest tech toys from this year’s IFA showcase in Berlin.
  5. How to get good hair

    How to have good hair with the best styling tools you can buy under S$70

    It’s time to say hello, outside world. To make sure it’s a good hair day, these affordably fab finds are here to help.
  6. Samsung Immersive Sound

    Mesmerising audio the whole family will fall in love with

    With sound that envelops and moves around you, and which is automatically optimised based on the content, the Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q90R ...
  7. Huawei 2 Main

    Huawei P30 Pro: What else can its camera do besides shooting further?

    With a system that blends four cameras with powerful AI, the P30 Pro might just be what you need on your holiday.
  8. 8 grooming gadgets Main

    Guys: The secret to always looking handsome lies in having the right gadgets

    You don't have to spend an hour in the bathroom to look your best. These are the tools that will upgrade your grooming game in a flash.
  9. Samsung QLED Q9F

    Samsung QLED: A chic addition to your home

    Upgrade your living room with a sleek TV that disappears when you need it to
  10. Samsung QLED Main

    Samsung QLED: Transforming the way we watch TV

    Quantum dot technology promises breathtaking colours and a long lifespan on ultra-large screens