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  1. Webisode: cyber athlete
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    The Cyber Athlete: Thomas Kopankiewicz

    Thomas was 23 when he represented Singapore in the 2019 Sea Games. It was the first multi-sport competition to have eSports as a medalled event.
  2. Webisode: female pioneer
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    The Trailblazing Pioneer: Tammy Tang

    Tammy is the founder of the world’s first eSports league for female gamers. The FSL League is run from Singapore, attracting teams and players ...
  3. Webisode: pokemon champion
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    The Youngest Pokemon Champion: Simone Lim

    In 2020, seven year old Simone is the youngest winner of the Pokémon Oceania International Championships Junior Division. Her family sees her ...
  4. Webisode: game creator
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    The Game Creator: Desmond Wong

    Game developer Desmond Wong co-founded The Gentlebros in 2015 with best friends, Leon and Syaz. Their games have had more than 1.3 million ...
  5. Webisode: street fighter champion
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    The Street Fighter Champion: Xian

    As the 2013 world champion in Street Fighter, Xian feels there are opportunities for gamers to upskill their talent for the global market. The ...
  6. Webisode: shoutcaster
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    The Pro Shoutcaster: Lysander Xonora

    Lysander is one of Singapore’s shoutcasters. A shoutcaster takes you through the game, the action and tells you what to be excited about and why ...
  7. New Content Item
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    Game Nation

    This is a sport that does not play by traditional rules. And it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. These are the cyber gladiators leading the ...
  8. OTRD ep 20 - pro gamer
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    Ep 20: How To Be A Pro Gamer

    In the fast-paced world of esports, two young mobile gamers, Du Zhen Xiong and Amos Ker, must battle fierce rivals, family pressure and exams to ...